Cellebrite Empowers Lake Jackson Police Department with Agile Digital Intelligence Platform

Cellebrite and Lake Jackson Police Department combine efforts to embolden the digital forensics process and overcome obstacles

PETAH TIKVA, Israel and TYSONS CORNER, Va. and LAKE JACKSON, Texas, Sept. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cellebrite DI Ltd. (Nasdaq: CLBT), a global leader in Digital Intelligence (DI) solutions for the public and private sectors, today announced their collaborative work with the Lake Jackson Police Department.

Big cases solved by large agencies with lots of resources may grab more headlines, but most communities depend on smaller police forces to do the hard work of keeping communities safe with just a handful of officers.

Detective Sergeant (DS) Christopher Collins, of the Lake Jackson Police Department in Lake Jackson, TX, understands what it means to be the only digital examiner in a department. He is literally a one-man band. Not surprisingly, DS Collins faces a number of challenges that those in small departments know all too well: multiple roles, budget constraints, outdated equipment, too many devices, and slow USB speeds.

In the two years he’s been in his present position, DS Collins has learned how to use technology as a force multiplier to modernize his workflow and get the information his investigators need to move cases forward as quickly as possible. Right now, he is utilizing Cellebrite UFED 4PC, Cellebrite Physical Analyzer, and Cellebrite UFED Cloud.

DS Collins has high praise for the solutions he is using. “UFED 4PC…makes it extremely easy to run through a phone extraction and capture of evidence. With the on-screen instructions…there’s almost no question on what to do because it gives you the steps to follow.”

“Running it [data] through Physical Analyzer presents everything that you’ve captured and parsed through on the screen. It gives you that extraction summary screen, and I love that screen. It shows you what extractions have been completed or included in the report, and it breaks down photos, videos, text messages, instant messages, and device locations….The workflow is a lot easier to work through on that.”

“Another thing [I like about] Cellebrite UFED Cloud is the public-facing cloud and social media profiles that Cellebrite UFED Cloud is able to capture. By putting in a URL or a username, it captures the public-facing images. Using Cellebrite UFED Cloud’s feature to do that sounds way more forensically sound.”

When asked what advice he had for officers, like himself, who are flying solo in their departments on how to use digital technology to better serve their communities and close the public-safety gap, here’s what DS Collins had to say.

Train Up: Take up as much free training as you can. Reach out. If your department is part of the ICAC task force, go through ICAC training. They have a ton of resources for training that are free or very low-cost.

Get Cellebrite Trained. As DS Collins explained, “This was one of the best courses I’ve had. And the person who trained me, my instructor for my CCO and CCPA, actually pushed me to get my CCME because he saw how well I was performing in that class. He was a fantastic instructor.”

Find Funding: While there are federal funds available, DS Collins recommends that those seeking funds to transform their department shouldn’t focus strictly on federal grants.

Set Standard Operating Procedures: DS Collins is in the process of building a mandatory mobile device evidence collection course for basic-level patrol officers and even detectives because they need to be able to know how to handle devices collected at a crime scene.

When asked what gets him out of bed every morning and do his job, DS Collins paused for a moment then said: In the simplest terms, it’s justice for the victims. And the help that it will give those victims in restoring a normal life is insurmountable. That’s the main thing that drives me, is to protect the children.”

Zach Cohen, Vice President of State and Local Sales at Cellebrite, commented: “Detective Sergeant Chris Collins is a prime example of how a single, driven individual can introduce new technology to agencies, no matter the size. His efforts to educate other team members and dedication to training demonstrates an attitude that all analysts and investigators should emulate.”

About Cellebrite

Cellebrite’s (Nasdaq: CLBT) mission is to enable its customers to protect and save lives, accelerate justice, and preserve privacy in communities around the world. We are a global leader in Digital Intelligence solutions for the public and private sectors, empowering organizations in mastering the complexities of legally sanctioned digital investigations by streamlining intelligence processes. Trusted by thousands of leading agencies and companies worldwide, Cellebrite’s Digital Intelligence platform and solutions transform how customers collect, review, analyze and manage data in legally sanctioned investigations. To learn more visit us at www.cellebrite.com, https://investors.cellebrite.com, or follow us on Twitter at @Cellebrite.

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Saint Lucia hails the 12th Annual IREX Citizenship and Residency Conclave a success

Castries, Sept. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Citizenship by Investment Programme of Saint Lucia participated in the 12th Edition of the “IREX Citizenship and Residency Conclave” over the past weekend. The two-day event took place in New Delhi, India, from the 9th to 10th September 2022 at the Le Meridian Hotel.

The Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Programme was launched in 2016, making it the newest in the Eastern Caribbean region and it also happens to be one of the fastest growing programmes. It was recently recognised as the world’s third best programme according to the CBI Index 2022, published by the PWM Magazine of Financial Times. St Lucia received a total of 78 marks ranking it third out of thirteen countries that were evaluated for the 2022 CBI Index

The “IREX Citizenship and Residency Conclave” is hosted annually to promote residency and citizenship programmes offered by various countries from across the globe to High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs). Presentations from several citizenship consultants, real estate developers and investment firms took place throughout the first day.

According to statistics from 2017, there were approximately 270,000 HNWIs in India, with these numbers expected to increase to around 950,000 by 2027. India also has the second largest millionaire outflow in the world with numerous individuals and families seeking foreign residency and citizenship.

The Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Unit was represented at IREX and gave potential applicants the opportunity to find out more about the Eastern Caribbean island thereby allowing them to explore new investment options.

The CIP of Saint Lucia is an attractive option for applicants seeking alternate citizenship as the minimum investment outlay for a single applicant is USD 100,000.

The geographical location of Saint Lucia makes it an extremely desirable location due to the global mobility that it offers as it is close to many major business hubs in the Americas. The country offers a safe and secure lifestyle in beautiful surroundings, world-class schooling facilities, and a stable currency. The Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD) has been pegged at a fixed rate to the US dollar since July 1976.

Saint Lucia is an excellent choice for the investor because business expansion and portfolio diversification is possible as there are many favourable opportunities to plan and spread ones wealth due to the wide range of investment programmes. Backed by a strong due diligence process, the programme is one of the most transparent in the industry as it gives investors and partners access to information on how the funds are used. Investments in countries such as Saint Lucia also tend to offer considerably more stable returns because of reduced political risk from upheavals or conflict.

Saint Lucia also has a large Non-Resident Indian (NRI) community, especially in the business sector. Tourism, real estate, banking and manufacturing are the prominent business sectors in the country, generating almost half of the country’s total revenue.

Obtaining alternative citizenship from Saint Lucia comes with many non-economic benefits as well. These include reduced citizenship application timelines without the bureaucracy, extending citizenship to family, a high standard of living and enjoying the general benefits that come with living in modern, diverse countries. Other key benefits include access to modern healthcare facilities and quality education for the children of investors. Small island countries rank high in terms of freedom of expression, civil liberties, and political rights which all contribute to a high standard of living.

Being an island country, it also offers a tranquil environment; it is home to a pair of dramatically tapered mountains on its west coast with beautiful volcanic beaches along the coast. Saint Lucia is home to numerous spectacular reef diving sites that make it perfect for the adventure enthusiast

Saint Lucia’s CIP programme is highly acclaimed, well-ranked and well-developed which gives individuals from all over the world the confidence that they would be making the right choice if they opted to take up the offer for alternate citizenship from St Lucia.

The IREX Conclave 2022 was a great success and gave investors from all over the world the opportunity to interact with the Eastern Caribbean country representatives and they got a better understanding on the technicalities of the Citizenship Programme offered by Saint Lucia. Investors attending the conclave in New Delhi were able to explore the wide variety of benefits that the Saint Lucia CIP offers, which include:

  • Lifetime citizenship that can be passed on to future generations
  • Efficient and confidential processing of applications
  • Full resident status, including the right to live and work in Saint Lucia
  • No residency requirements

The Government of St Lucia is meticulous about the use of funds generated through their Citizenship by Investment Programme with funds being utilised in the completion of developmental projects and upliftment of infrastructure, all of which benefit their citizens.

The IREX Citizenship and Residency Conclave was the perfect opportunity for the Citizenship Programme of Saint Lucia to promote itself and for investors from all over the globe to find out about the extensive benefits of investing in their CIP Programme.

St Lucia PR
Saint Lucia

SCO to further promote global security, stability, prosperity

BEIJING, Sept. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A news report by People’s Daily:

Chinese President Xi Jinping will attend the 22nd meeting of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in the city of Samarkand, and pay state visits to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan from Sept. 14 to 16.

This year is of landmark significance for the SCO, as it marks the 20th anniversary of the signing of the SCO Charter and the 15th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty on Long-Term Good-Neighborliness, Friendship and Cooperation of the SCO Member States.

Since the founding of the organization, it has been closely obeying the above two documents and following the Shanghai Spirit, exploring a new development path for regional organizations and setting a good example for regional and international cooperation.

As the world has entered a period of new turbulence and transformation, the role of the SCO is not diminishing, but expanding, and SCO member states are not seeing a shrinking demand for cooperation, but an increasing one.

It is expected that the SCO can contribute its strength to safeguarding and practicing true multilateralism and protecting international justice and equity, when the world is seeing a complicated international situation, frequently emerging hotspot issues and a relapse into unilateralism and protectionism.

As an important founding member of the SCO, China always values, supports and promotes the development of the organization.

Since 2013, President Xi has attended multiple SCO summits where he raised a series of important proposals and initiatives to promote SCO development and regional cooperation. These proposals and initiatives have received warm response from relevant parties.

In the Qingdao Declaration, the SCO members made “building a community with a shared future for humanity” a common concept, and organization is promoting synergy between the Belt and Road cooperation and the development strategies of various countries and regional cooperation initiatives such as the Eurasian Economic Union, creating important opportunities for regional development.

The Global Development Initiative proposed by President Xi has been recognized by relevant parties under the SCO framework. They believe that the initiative is of great significance for alleviating today’s global development predicament.

China advocates independence and security for all, and opposes creating bloc confrontation and undermining regional stability. At the SCO Samarkand Summit, President Xi will exchange views with relevant parties on enhancing SCO construction in the new era and better dealing with major international and regional challenges, which will be conducive to safeguarding true multilateralism and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of developing countries, and make important contributions to promoting regional peace and development.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and the five Central Asian countries of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

President Xi’s upcoming visit to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan will definitely further deepen China’s cooperation with the five Central Asian countries.

Over the past 30 years, China’s relations with Kazakhstan have been constantly lifted to new levels, and the two countries have established a permanent comprehensive strategic partnership, which is important for regional and even international peace and stability.

It was in Kazakhstan nine years ago that President Xi proposed the building of the Silk Road Economic Belt, a component of the landmark Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) which also includes the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. The two countries implemented a series of cooperation projects of strategic importance and achieved fruitful results, which brought tangible benefits to the two peoples and set a good example for win-win cooperation.

Over the past 30 years, China-Uzbekistan relations have achieved leapfrog development. The two countries have become good neighbors sharing mutual respect and trust, good partners for mutually beneficial cooperation, and good friends benefiting from people-to-people exchanges.

At present, the two countries are facing important opportunities to enhance their comprehensive strategic partnership. They have pledged to achieve an annual trade turnover of $10 billion as soon as possible and set new targets, and decided to jointly implement the five-year plan for economic, trade and investment cooperation, and draw up a list of priority cooperation projects for the future. The two sides will continue deepening cooperation on connectivity, poverty alleviation and medical care.

China fully supports Uzbekistan’s chairmanship of the SCO and is willing to work with the country to jointly achieve national development and vitalization.

Gates Foundation Goalkeepers Report Says Progress Still Possible Despite Setbacks to Global Goals

Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates call on leaders to keep commitments to world’s poorest and  invest in innovation, ingenuity to continue saving millions of lives

SEATTLE, Sept. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation today released its sixth annual Goalkeepers Report, noting that nearly every indicator of the UN Sustainable Development Goals is off track at the halfway point for achieving them by 2030. Despite significant setbacks caused by overlapping global crises, the report is optimistic, underscoring opportunities to accelerate progress toward ending poverty, fighting inequality, and reducing the impacts of climate change.

Co-authored by foundation Co-chairs Melinda French Gates and Bill Gates, this year’s report, “The Future of Progress,” notes the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, wars in Ukraine and Yemen, ongoing climate and food crises, and macro-economic headwinds on global ambitions to improve and save millions of lives by 2030.

“It’s no surprise that progress has stalled amid numerous crises,” said Bill Gates. “But this is not a reason to give up. Every action matters to save lives and reduce suffering. Turning away would be a mistake.”

In their respective essays, French Gates and Gates call for new approaches to achieving gender equality and food security. They also cite dramatic progress in dealing with the HIV/AIDS epidemic—a nearly 60% decline in annual deaths between 2000 and 2020—as an example of what can happen when the world invests in long-term solutions and innovative approaches to entrenched issues.

“The world faces many challenges—some of which may seem insurmountable. Yet, despite the setbacks, I’m filled with hope that we can solve these problems together and save millions of lives through human ingenuity and innovation,” French Gates said. “We know progress is possible because the global community has faced difficult odds before and won. And we can do it again.”

This year’s report includes best- and worst-case scenarios for ending preventable infectious diseases and malnutrition, improving access to quality education, increasing access to financial services, and achieving gender equality.

“At this historical inflection point, how the world responds to setbacks is a choice that will impact what happens now and for generations to come. Millions of lives hang in the balance,” said Gates Foundation CEO Mark Suzman. “We call on governments, the private sector, civil society, and philanthropic organizations to do more to meet the ambitious goals and to keep investing in new ways of thinking, new tools and data, and proven solutions to ensure every person has the opportunity to live a healthy, productive life.”

In her essay, French Gates cites data that shows the world will not reach gender equality until at least 2108—three generations later than previously projected. She calls for approaches that do more than just ensure a woman’s ability to earn a livelihood, but to control it.

“When it comes to the future of progress—not just on the global goals related to gender equality but on those on good health, quality education, ending poverty, and more—there is one engine that can drive them all: women’s power,” French Gates writes.

She highlights two proven approaches for increasing women’s power in their families and communities: building economic resilience through expanded access to digital financial tools and implementing a robust caregiving infrastructure that enables women to earn an income outside of the home.

In his essay, Gates asserts that hunger cannot be solved solely through humanitarian assistance. He cites recent shocks to the world’s supply of grain from Eastern Europe and the ongoing threat of climate change to underscore the vulnerability and interconnectedness of the global food system. Using a new data visualization tool to predict the impact of climate change, the report provides bleak projections for future crop yields and agricultural productivity, particularly in Africa.

Gates points to examples of planting “climate-smart” crops and utilizing predictive modelling as proven solutions that have helped smallholder farmers in Africa and India increase their productivity and protect their crops from the disruptive effects of climate change. He calls for increased investment in R&D and other proven solutions to significantly boost agricultural productivity, particularly in Africa, where 14 countries depend on Russia and Ukraine for half their wheat.

“The world should be generous and prevent people from going hungry, but in another sense, it doesn’t solve the larger problem. The goal should not simply be giving more food aid. It should be to ensure no aid is needed in the first place,” he writes.

About the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Guided by the belief that every life has equal value, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation works to help all people lead healthy, productive lives. In developing countries, it focuses on improving people’s health and giving them the chance to lift themselves out of hunger and extreme poverty. In the United States, it seeks to ensure that all people—especially those with the fewest resources—have access to the opportunities they need to succeed in school and life. Based in Seattle, Washington, the foundation is led by CEO Mark Suzman, under the direction of Co-chairs Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates and the board of trustees.

About Goalkeepers
Goalkeepers is the foundation’s campaign to accelerate progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (Global Goals). By sharing stories and data behind the Global Goals through an annual report, the Gates Foundation hopes to inspire a new generation of leaders—Goalkeepers who raise awareness of progress, hold their leaders accountable, and drive action to achieve the Global Goals.

About the Global Goals
On September 25, 2015, at the United Nations headquarters in New York, 193 world leaders committed to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (Global Goals). These are a series of ambitious objectives and targets to achieve three extraordinary things by 2030: end poverty, fight inequality and injustice, and fix climate change.

Media Contactmedia@gatesfoundation.org

Report Linkhttps://www.gatesfoundation.org/goalkeepers/report/2022-report

Report Visual Assets:  Report Assets

Le rapport Goalkeepers de la Fondation Gates indique que des progrès sont encore possibles malgré les retards par rapport aux objectifs mondiaux

Bill Gates et Melinda French Gates appellent les dirigeants du monde entier à respecter leurs engagements envers les plus pauvres et à investir dans l’innovation et l’ingéniosité pour continuer à sauver des millions de vies

SEATTLE, 13 septembre 2022 /PRNewswire/ — La Fondation Bill & Melinda Gates a publié aujourd’hui son sixième rapport annuel Goalkeepers, soulignant que presque tous les indicateurs des Objectifs de développement durable des Nations Unies sont dans le rouge, à mi-parcours pour les atteindre d’ici 2030. Malgré les retards importants causés par le chevauchement de diverses crises mondiales, le rapport demeure optimiste et laisse entrevoir des possibilités d’accélérer les progrès vers l’élimination de la pauvreté, la lutte contre les inégalités et la réduction des impacts du changement climatique.

Co-écrit par les coprésidents de la fondation Melinda French Gates et Bill Gates, le rapport de cette année, intitulé « L’avenir du progrès », fait état de l’impact de la pandémie de COVID-19, des guerres en Ukraine et au Yémen, des crises climatiques et alimentaires en cours et des freins macro-économiques sur les ambitions mondiales d’améliorer et de sauver des millions de vies d’ici 2030.

« Il n’est en rien surprenant que les progrès soient au point mort du fait des nombreuses crises », a déclaré Bill Gates. « Mais ce n’est pas une raison pour abandonner. Chaque mesure visant à sauver des vies et à réduire la souffrance compte. Se détourner serait une erreur. »

Dans leurs réflexions respectives, Melinda French Gates and Bill Gates appellent à de nouvelles approches pour parvenir à l’égalité des sexes et à la sécurité alimentaire. Ils citent également les progrès spectaculaires réalisés dans la lutte contre l’épidémie de VIH/SIDA – une baisse de près de 60% des décès annuels entre 2000 et 2020 – comme exemple de ce qui est possible lorsque le monde investit dans des solutions à long terme et des approches novatrices à des problèmes profonds.

« Le monde est confronté à de nombreux défis, dont certains peuvent sembler insurmontables. Pourtant, malgré les contretemps, j’ai plein espoir que nous puissions résoudre ces problèmes ensemble et sauver des millions de vies grâce à l’ingéniosité humaine et à l’innovation », a déclaré Melinda French Gates. « Nous savons que des progrès sont possibles parce que la communauté mondiale a déjà fait face à des obstacles difficiles et a su les surmonter. Et nous pouvons le faire à nouveau. »

Le rapport de cette année comprend les meilleurs et les pires scénarios pour mettre fin aux maladies infectieuses évitables et à la malnutrition, améliorer l’accès à une éducation de qualité, accroître l’accès aux services financiers et parvenir à l’égalité des sexes.

« Nous sommes à un point d’inflexion historique ; et la façon dont le monde réagira à ces retards aura un impact sur ce qui va se passer maintenant mais également pour les générations à venir. Des millions de vies sont en jeu », a déclaré Mark Suzman, PDG de la Fondation Gates. « Nous appelons

les gouvernements, le secteur privé, la société civile et les organisations philanthropiques à faire davantage pour atteindre les objectifs ambitieux et à continuer d’investir dans de nouvelles façons de penser, de nouveaux outils et données, et des solutions éprouvées pour s’assurer que chaque personne puisse avoir l’opportunité de vivre une vie saine et productive. »

Dans sa réflexion, Melinda French Gates fait référence à des données qui montrent que le monde n’atteindra pas l’égalité des sexes avant au moins 2108, soit trois générations plus tard que prévu. Elle appelle à des approches allant au-delà d’assurer la capacité d’une femme à gagner sa vie, mais lui permettant également de la contrôler.

« Lorsqu’il s’agit de l’avenir du progrès, à savoir pas uniquement envers les objectifs mondiaux liés à l’égalité des sexes, mais également ceux relatifs à la bonne santé, à une éducation de qualité, à l’élimination de la pauvreté, etc. – un moteur permettant de les stimuler tous existe : le pouvoir des femmes », écrit Melinda French Gates.

Elle souligne deux approches éprouvées pour accroître le pouvoir des femmes dans leurs familles et leurs communautés : renforcer la résilience économique grâce à un meilleur accès à des outils financiers numériques et mettre en oeuvre une solide infrastructure de prestation de soins qui permet aux femmes de gagner un revenu en dehors de la maison.

Dans sa réflexion, Bill Gates affirme que la faim ne peut être résolue uniquement par l’aide humanitaire. Il cite les récents chocs en matière d’approvisionnement mondial en céréales en provenance d’Europe de l’Est et la menace persistante du changement climatique pour souligner la vulnérabilité et les interconnexions du système alimentaire mondial. S’appuyant sur un nouvel outil de visualisation des données pour prédire l’impact du changement climatique, le rapport établit des projections peu optimistes concernant les rendements futurs des cultures et la productivité agricole, en particulier en Afrique.

Bill Gates cite des exemples de solutions éprouvées de plantation de cultures « climato-intelligentes » et d’utilisation de la modélisation prédictive qui ont aidé les petits exploitants agricoles en Afrique et en Inde à augmenter leur productivité et à protéger leurs cultures des effets perturbateurs du changement climatique. Il appelle à une augmentation des investissements dans la R&D et d’autres solutions éprouvées pour augmenter de façon significative la productivité agricole, en particulier en Afrique, où 14 pays dépendent de la Russie et de l’Ukraine pour la moitié de leur blé.

« Le monde devrait faire preuve de générosité et ne pas laisser des gens avoir faim, mais au final, cela ne résout pas le problème plus vaste. L’objectif ne devrait pas simplement être de pouvoir offrir plus d’aide alimentaire. L’objectif devrait être qu’aucune aide ne soit nécessaire », écrit-il.

À propos de la Fondation Bill & Melinda Gates

Guidée par la conviction que toutes les vies ont une valeur égale, la Fondation Bill & Melinda Gates oeuvre pour aider toutes les personnes à mener une vie saine et productive. Dans les pays en développement, elle se concentre sur l’amélioration de la santé des populations et à offrir l’opportunité de ne plus souffrir de la faim et de l’extrême pauvreté. Aux États-Unis, elle cherche à s’assurer que toutes les personnes, en particulier celles qui ont le moins de ressources, ont accès aux opportunités nécessaires pour réussir à l’école et dans la vie. Basée à Seattle, État de Washington, la fondation est dirigée par son PDG, Mark Suzman, sous la direction des coprésidents Bill Gates et Melinda French Gates et du conseil d’administration.

À propos de Goalkeepers

Goalkeepers est la campagne de la fondation visant à accélérer les progrès vers la réalisation des Objectifs de développement durable (objectifs mondiaux). En partageant des faits et des données en rapport avec les objectifs mondiaux sous la forme d’un rapport annuel, la Fondation Gates espère inspirer une nouvelle génération de leaders – des Goalkeepers qui sensibiliseront au progrès, tiendront leurs dirigeants pour responsables et prendront des mesures pour permettre d’atteindre les objectifs mondiaux.

À propos des objectifs mondiaux

Au siège des Nations Unies à New York, le 25 septembre 2015, 193 dirigeants mondiaux se sont engagés envers la réalisation des 17 Objectifs de Développement Durable (objectifs mondiaux). Il s’agit d’une série de cibles et d’objectifs ambitieux visant à atteindre trois buts extraordinaires d’ici 2030 : mettre fin à la pauvreté, combattre les inégalités et l’injustice et lutter contre le changement climatique.

Contact pour les médias : media@gatesfoundation.org

Lien vers le rapport : https://www.gatesfoundation.org/goalkeepers/report/2022-report

Graphiques et ressources visuelles du rapport : Ressources du rapport

‫Woolpert تربط بين الشركات والموارد الجغرافية المكانية لتشكيل Woolpert Africa

تجمع شركة Woolpert Africa بين خدمات رسم الخرائط والمسح والبيانات الخاصة Woolpert و Southern Mapping و AAM .

جوهانسبرج، 13 شتنبر/أيلول 2022 / PRNewswire / — قامت Woolpert بدمج الموظفين والموارد والخبرة المحلية لشركتيها الجغرافيتين في إفريقيا، شركة Southern Mapping و AAM ، لتشكيل Woolpert Africa . سيوفر الفريق جمع البيانات الجغرافية المكانية ومعالجتها وإدارتها لدعم التطبيقات المشتركة في إفريقيا، بما في ذلك خدمات التعدين والطاقة والبنية التحتية والزراعة والبيئة.

Woolpert Africa combines staff and resources from Woolpert, Southern Mapping and AAM. Southern Mapping and AAM are both Woolpert companies

استحوذ Woolpert على شركة Southern Mapping Company في عام 2019. يقع مقر شركة Southern Mapping ، وهي شركة تابعة لِـ Woolpert ، في جوهانسبرغ، وتتخصص في تقنيات التصوير الفائق الطيف والليدار والاستشعار عن بعد.  شركة تابعة لِـ Woolpert ، وهي شركة لرسم الخرائط والمسح الضوئي ونظم المعلومات الجغرافية مقرها في أستراليا. انضم  AAM إلى Woolpert في عام 2021. لديها مكاتب في جوهانسبرج وكيب تاون وموظفين في العديد من البلدان الأفريقية ودول الخليج.

قال جوزيف سيبي، نائب رئيس Woolpert الأول: “بشكل فردي، صنعت كل شركة من شركاتنا اسمًا لها في جميع أنحاء إفريقيا من خلال توفير خدمات جغرافية مكانية متطورة لتلبية مجموعة واسعة من الاحتياجات”. “معًا، نحن شركة رائدة في الصناعة تعيش وتعمل في جميع أنحاء القارة وتفهم كيفية ممارسة الأعمال التجارية في إفريقيا. فمعًا، نحن أكبر شركة جغرافية مكانية متكاملة الخدمات في إفريقيا “.

قدمت هذه الشركات أول نظام ليدار في إفريقيا وأول نظام فائق الطيف في جنوب إفريقيا. قام فريق Woolpert Africa برسم خرائط لأكثر من مليوني كيلومتر مربع من القارة، وعمل في أكثر من 45 دولة أفريقية، وأكمل أكثر من 1500 مشروع.

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عن شركة Woolpert

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Justice department doing its part to help avoid greylisting

The Department of Justice and Constitutional Development, is working hard to ensure that South Africa avoids becoming grey listed by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

The FATF is an international initiative designed by G7 countries in order to combat money laundering.

A grey listing by the FATF would hamper South Africa’s ability to attract foreign investment and would knock investor confidence in the country.

Speaking at the RMB Morgan Stanley Big Five Investor Conference, Minister Ronald Lamola said any grey listing would have “dire consequences for the country”.

“Chief amongst the consequences is the risk of reducing investor confidence and a negative impact on the financial wellbeing of South Africans. Although our economy is reaping the benefits of commodities upturn, the effects of the upturn are yet to manifest themselves structurally.

“As such, one is concerned that a grey listing by the [FATF] would certainly deepen if not enhance our well documented structural inequalities. This will affect the costs of borrowing and of raising capital for our country,” he said.

The FATF’s report highlighted concern over fraud, corruption and other crimes in South Africa and also made adverse findings on South Africa’s ability to effectively deal with money laundering and terrorist funding. Recommendations were also put forward.

The Minister said the department is hard at work to respond to the findings and recommendations.

He said the actions taken by the department include:

• The creation of the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Desk within the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA). The desk has formulated an Anti-Money Laundering Desk Strategy which covers investigation and prosecution of money laundering and terrorist financing.

• The NPA’s International Cooperation Unit’s processes have been improved in respect of referrals relating to foreign predicate offences. Staff capacity has been increased at head office.

• Mutual legal assistance (MLA) requests on State capture investigations were made to several countries in 2018. These countries include the USA, the UAE, India, Canada, the Netherlands, and China.

• The NPA is pursuing seven foreign bribery matters wherein MLAs were sent to foreign authorities which shows its willingness to pursue such matters through ongoing communication with foreign jurisdictions.

• The Asset Forfeiture Unit has since 19 November 2019, pursued cases of foreign predicate offending relating to charges of fraud, which is one of the focus areas in terms of SA’s risk assessment. The AFU has obtained eight Preservations in seven matters to the value of R40.3 million and eleven forfeitures in ten cases to the value of R31.8 million.

“Cabinet has approved the General Laws (Anti-Money Laundering and Combating Terrorism Financing) Amendment Bill [B18-2022] in Parliament…the Bill has been submitted to the Standing Committee on Finance and the Select Committee on Finance.

“The Amendment Bill seeks to address deficiencies in at least fourteen of the twenty recommendations, including an appropriate enhancement of powers and procedures for regulatory authorities.

“A separate Bill, the Protection of Constitutional Democracy against Terrorist and Related Activities Amendment Bill, 2022, deals with two further (and core) recommendations. The outstanding four deficient recommendations will be dealt with via policy processes and mechanisms to be developed by October/November 2022,” he said.

The Minister said these “interventions will provide a material response” to the FATF.

Source: South African Government News Agency