Basic Eduation meets with Ashton International College management and Werkmans Attorneys

Media statement on developments at Ashton International College

The management of Ashton International College, Benoni (“the School”) and the parents of a Muslim learner of the School, represented by Werkmans Attorneys, recently met with officials from the Department of Basic Education (“DBE”) and the Gauteng Department of Education (“GDE”) to discuss a provision in the school’s code of conduct that requires male learners to be clean shaven, unless a concession is submitted in which case the School has allowed for learners to be closely shaven.

In terms of the religious beliefs and practices of the learner, he is obligated not to shave his beard and to grow it to a fist full length.

During the aforementioned meeting, the officials from the DBE and GDE emphasised that the Constitution applies to both public and independent schools and that both departments are committed to the protection of the rights of all learners regardless of the type of school they attend.

To resolve the matter, the School agreed to review its initial decision of the concession application that was previously submitted on the learner’s behalf by his parents, and undertook to allow the learner to grow his beard (in line with his religious convictions) and to allow him continued attendance at the School in the 2019 academic year and beyond.



Source: Government of South Africa

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