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Cooperation between FIPA, AAPI under review to boost cross-investments

A cooperation agreement between the Foreign Investment Promoption Agency (FIPA) and the Algerian Investment Promotion Agency (AAPI) is under review in a bid to foster relations between both agencies and encourage cross-investments between the two countries, said FIPA-Tunisia.

“Stepping up investment projects and partnership between Tunisian and Algerian companies took centre stage at a meeting held last September 20 in Tunis, between FIPA-Tunisia Director General Jalel Tebib and AAPI Director General Omar Rekkache.

“The two agencies’ expertise in foreign investment support will further facilitate the setting up of ventures in the two neighbour countries.”

“The meeting is part of the Tunisian-Algerian friendship relations and was held on the fringes of Rekkache’s participation in the Financing Investment and Trade in Africa (FITA 2023,” FIPA-Tunisia added.

Over 69 companies with Algerian participation are operating in Tunisia, generating over 3,800 jobs.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse