Fidaa Foundation to provide scholarships for 400 pupils and students

The Fidaa Foundation will provide nearly 400 pupils and students among the children of the Revolution martyrs and of those injured in terrorist operations with scholarships, the annual value of which varies between TND 880 and TND 3300, according to the level of study, announced its chairman Ahmed JaSfar, adding that they will also benefit from systematic university accommodation. These pupils and students will, in the next few days, receive cards from the Tunisian Post Office allowing them to claim their scholarships, he added at a press conference held on Thursday at the Foundation’s headquarters, devoted to the signing of an agreement with the Tunisian Post Office for this purpose. JaSfar indicated that the foundation had finished loading 80% of the database related to the martyrs and wounded of the Revolution, specifying that this is a major task “since the data of those concerned has inevitably changed since 2011, notably their home address and social status.” The Fidaa Foundation was set up under a decree-law published on April 9, 2022 in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Tunisia (Jort). Ahmed JaSfar also pointed out that the Foundation supports all the families and children of the martyrs and wounded of the Revolution without distinction. “Although the institution has only been in operation for 4 months, it has organised nearly 32 working sessions during this period,” he added. Taking the floor, CEO of the Tunisian Post Office Sami Mekki said that under the terms of the agreement with the Fidaa Foundation, the families of the martyrs and wounded of the revolution will benefit from a virtual account and totally free electronic payment cards to use for their scholarships. He added that 95% of these cards are already ready.

Source: EN – Agence Tunis Afrique Presse