Gauteng Social Development on South African Men of the Year Awards

Good men to be awarded for their good work

Not all men are trashand the Gauteng Department of Social Development together with other stakeholders will award good men who have contributed in their communities during the South African Men of the Year Awards.

The main aim is to transform South African men towards a peaceful gender sensitive society.

According to Mr. Bongani Ngomane the awards will take place in November every year as to ensure that they coincide with the International Men's Day and 16 days of activism.

As the awards are designed to transform SA men towards gender harmony in the society, where women and children are safe from men.

The awards which will be held at Carnival City, in Johannesburg will also promote positive male models and change the negative image of the South African Men towards positive national building.

One of the recipients Gustav Wilson a male Social Worker from Bloemfontein, has been working in the Department of Correctional Services for the past 13 years and it has provided him the opportunity to get in touch with men from all walks of life and who have committed serious crimes.

During his visits to centres, he engages, especially with the young boys enquiring why they commit the crimes they have committed.

Many of them would respond to say that they did not have a father or a positive role model that they could have looked up to. They would also blame it on the poverty stricken circumstances they grew up in and the fact that they are unemployed.

Source: Government of South Africa

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