GQEBERHA – Vigilance displayed by SAPS Mount Road Crime Prevention Unit members has led to the arrest of an 18-year-old teenager found in possession of suspected stolen property belonging to two clothing retail stores from Greenacres Shopping Centre.

It is alleged that at about 13:00, the members noticed the teenager walking at the corners of 2nd Avenue and Alexander Roads in Newton Park. While observing him, the suspect, upon noticing police presence, made a U-turn and started to retreat. The members stopped him and upon searching his bag, a pair of pliers and a brand new jacket, valued at R900 was found inside. The label was still attached to the jacket. The suspect was also wearing a hat, valued at R70, 00 that he allegedly stole from another clothing store.

He was arrested and detained on a charge of possession of suspected stolen property. He is expected to appear in court soon.

Source: South African Police Service