New OLI Systems platform V11 democratizes electrolyte modeling with revolutionary cloud platform; new, rigorous chemistry insights and software innovations enhance sustainability, reliability, and efficiency

Cloud Apps, Cloud APIs, Optimizer and Bulk Data Input fuel industrial digital transformation

PARSIPPANY, N.J., Dec. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — 

Access OLI Anytime, Anywhere

The new OLI Platform V11 brings ubiquitous cloud access to proven electrolyte technologies for digital transformation.  For the first time, field engineers, operators and non-experts can access five decades of leading electrolyte chemistry innovations on the cloud to improve operations performance for industrial processes. New chemistries and software in V11 significantly increase asset reliability, operational efficiency, and environmental sustainability by accurately predicting scaling, corrosion, and toxic contamination.

Propel digital transformation

OLI Cloud App Builder delivers simple, web-enabled, cloud applications for non-expert users. OLI Cloud APIs provide automated cloud access for custom electrolyte applications. OLI Optimizer calibrates OLI predictions for specific assets with optimization algorithms while bulk data input enables high volume data analysis.

Enhance environmental sustainability and compliance

OLI’s cutting edge clean water, air and environmental simulation capabilities now include elimination of mercury based toxic contamination for industrial water treatment and nuclear waste disposal and corrosion chemistries that make CO2 transportation in pipelines more efficient.

Increase reliability in upstream oil & gas

New ethylene glycol chemistries increase reliability by minimizing scale formation. Optimal material selection with the expanded acetate, acetate-related autoclave chemistries and new alloys lowers materials costs and facilitates experimental design.

Reduce risk in downstream oil & gas

Unplanned downtime due to corrosion in crude distillation overhead units can be reduced significantly with expanded amine hydrochloride chemistries. Catastrophic accidents due to corrosion in HF Alkylation units can be significantly reduced with corrosion predictions and operating windows. Petrochemicals applications can operate more efficiently with alpha-methylstyrene chemistry insights.

Accelerate  yields in lithium, rare earth elements (REE) mining and recycling

OLI’s comprehensive mining property database includes new lithium phosphate, lithium-cobalt-iron cathode, expanded neodymium and REE chemistries to substantially increase process efficiency.

Software Enhancements

Higher fidelity calculations enable more effective design of RO membranes for water treatment while the OLI Alliance Engine for PSE gPROMS boosts performance of electrolyte calculations.

V11 is targeted for release in the last week of March 2021.

About OLI Systems, Inc.

OLI Systems is an established global leader in delivering comprehensive, process modeling solutions for electrolyte and water chemistry based industrial applications that enhance sustainability, operational efficiency, reliability and productivity while mitigating risk.