News: Police hunt for woman who allegedly kidnapped a 3-year-old boy in Port Elizabeth

Police in Port Elizabeth is on the hunt for a woman who allegedly kidnapped a 3-year-old boy on Friday afternoon, 4 January 2019, from a beach in Port Elizabeth.
According to police information, the child Nefrin Lucraine Roberts was at the beach in Summerstrand (near Something Good) with his grandmother, Lucinda Roberts (52). They were waiting for the child’s mother. While there, a woman introduced herself as Meagan from Shauderville struck up a conversation with the grandmother and after a while both women went across to the nearby shopping centre to buy liquor.
They went back to the beach and waited for the child’s mother who never arrived. The two women stayed on the beach and a while later (about 18:00) ‘Meagan’ went back to the shopping centre to buy cigarettes. She took the child with her and never returned.
The incident was reported to police on Saturday, 5 January 2019.
At the time, the child was wearing a grey sweater and blue shorts. The child is from Hibiscus Street, Ext 31 in Bethelsdorp.
‘Meagan” is about 25-30 years old, dark in complexion and is fluent in Afrikaans and English. She has a tattoo on her arm and ankle (design unknown) and may possibly be from Shauderville. At the time of the kidnapping she was wearing a pink striped top with pink jeans and black takkies. A scarf was tied around her hair.
Police have retrieved CCTV footage at the Pick ‘n Pay centre where she took the child.
The Family Violence Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit in Port Elizabeth is investigating a case of Kidnapping. Police is appealing to the communities to assist in tracing the woman and the child. Capt Machewula may be contacted on 071 352 4644 alternatively the nearest police station may be contacted.

Source: South African Police Service

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