Reported stolen firearm found in possession of suspects

Modderriver police busted two men aged 21 and 33 with unlicensed firearm. The suspects were arrested on Monday,29 October 2018 after the police in Modderriver acted on information regarding men suspected to be in possession of a firearm. The suspects were seen digging a hole to unearth firearm.

The suspects were spotted dropping a bag on the ground inside the tuck-shop and walked away when they noticed that the police were keeping an eye on them. Upon search a firearm was found inside the bag.

Further investigation, indicated that the firearm was reported stolen from the owner two years ago.

The suspects are appearing today (Wednesday, 31 October 2018) before the Modderriver Magistrate’s Court. They are facing a charge of illegal possession of a firearm, and they will be linked with a case of theft out of motor vehicle, where this fire was stolen.

The investigation continues, to ascertain whether the firearm was in any way instrumental in criminal activities committed in and around Modderriver.



Source: South African Police Service

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