Somali, Finnish Ministries of Interior Strengthen Bilateral Cooperation

In a significant move towards enhancing bilateral relations, the Minister of Interior, Federalism, and Reconciliation of the Federal Government of Somalia, Ahmed Ma’alin Fiqi, recently held a productive meeting with a delegation from the Ministry of Interior of the Government of Finland, led by Eero Koskenniemi. The discussions revolved around strengthening cooperation between the governments of Somalia and Finland, with a particular focus on the ministries of Interior in both countries. The meeting aimed to explore avenues for collaborative efforts and exchange expertise to address common challenges effectively. Among the attendees was Mrs. Tuula Svinhufvud, representing the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, along with other officials from the Finnish Embassy in Somalia. Their presence demonstrated the commitment of the Finnish government towards bolstering ties with Somalia. During the meeting, Minister Ahmed Ma’alin Fiqi expressed his gratitude to the Finnish government for its unwavering support to Somalia, especially in projects that directly support the Ministry of Interior, Federalism, and Reconciliation of the Federal Government. He acknowledged the significance of this continued cooperation and emphasized its role in fostering stability and development in Somalia. The discussions encompassed various areas of collaboration, including capacity-building initiatives, security sector reform, and sharing best practices in governance and administration. Both parties recognized the mutual benefits that can be derived from closer cooperation and pledged to work towards concrete steps to strengthen the partnership. Minister Fiqi highlighted the importance of exchanging knowledge and experiences between the two ministries. He stressed that by learning from each other’s successes and challenges, both Somalia and Finland can enhance their respective approaches to governance and address common issues effectively. Furthermore, the meeting served as an opportunity to discuss the ongoing projects and initiatives supported by Finland in Somalia. The Finnish delegation reaffirmed their commitment to assisting Somalia in its journey towards peace, stability, and development. As the meeting concluded, it was agreed upon to establish mechanisms for regular communication and collaboration between the ministries of Interior of Somalia and Finland. This commitment aimed to ensure sustained cooperation and the effective implementation of joint initiatives. The meeting between Minister Ahmed Ma’alin Fiqi and the Finnish delegation marked an important milestone in strengthening the ties between the two nations. It demonstrated the shared commitment to deepen collaboration, exchange expertise, and work together towards common goals. The renewed partnership between the ministries of Interior of Somalia and Finland holds great promise for both countries. It paves the way for enhanced governance, improved security, and continued progress on the path to peace and prosperity. As Somalia and Finland embark on this new phase of cooperation, the fruitful discussions and shared vision between the two ministries provide a solid foundation for long-lasting and mutually beneficial collaboration.

Source: Somali National News Agency