Ida, the film produced by South Africa-born film and theatre producer Eric Abraham, won Best Foreign Language Film at a ceremony in Los Angeles on Sunday night.
The Polish-language black-and-white film shot in a square aspect ratio format was also nominated for best cinematography.
This is the second Academy Award for Abraham, the owner and founding producer of the Fugard Theatre in Cape Town. He won an Oscar the Czech film Kolya in 1996.
Speaking from Los Angeles, a delighted Eric Abraham said,”It’s wonderful when the underdog triumphs. A small, short black-and-white film in Polish about two women who go on a road trip to learn about who they are and where they come from.
“Ida seems to have touched people across the barriers of language and culture in over 30 countries so far and restores my faith in the appetite for films that make us think and feel about the human condition. South Africa has so many such stories waiting to be told on film”.
Silence and contemplation
The film, set in 1962 Poland, tells the story of 18-year-old Anna, who is preparing to be a nun. A meeting with her aunt reveals that she is, in fact, Jewish and that her real name is Ida.
The film is directed by Pawe

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