TaskRabbit has come up with the plan for increasing the hiring of black employees

It is a great step by TaskRabbit to hire black employees

One must appreciate the TaskRabbit to come up with this announcement and that step by the TaskRabbit will definitely help in eliminating the racism at the workplaces, which will eventually compel other organizations as well to come up with the same sort of initiative in order to fully get rid of racism that is distracting us to progress. It is the fact that the more the organizations strive to take measures in order to eliminate racism at their workplaces, the more it helps them to rapidly heading towards success and that is what the TaskRabbit has aimed to do as it has come up with an aim of increasing the number of black employees in the organization.

The TaskRabbit and its new announcement

The TaskRabbit has come up with an announcement that it has decided to improve the diversity of its workers and this plan by the TaskRabbit is being associated with the Congressional Black Caucus Tech 2020 initiative, which is to enhance the number of black workers and the inclusion of black people throughout the Tech industry. This, indeed, is the great initiative and that will also help to prevail a sense of being an important part of the society among black people. The TaskRabbit seems to be much focused on increasing the diversity of its workers and currently this organization is having 11 percent African-American and according to the officials of the TaskRabbit, it intends to increase that number to 13 percent by the end of this year. Now let’s see how much the TaskRabbit will be successful in this regard and one may expect a positive change in the tech world.

The TaskRabbit has an edge over other companies

When it comes to diversifying the workers so in this regard the TaskRabbit has an edge over other companies in the tech world and that makes it a company, which says no to racism and actually coming up with initiatives to give the equal opportunity to the people from different communities. When you compare the diversity ratio of the workforce of the TaskRabbit with the major and leading companies of the tech world such as Google and Facebook, so you come across that these leading companies have had only two percent of black workers, which must be increase as it’s the responsibility of all the organizations to strive hard to eliminate the racism from the workplaces. If you go through the details of the workforce of TaskRabbit, so you will come across the fact that its workforce consists of 58 percent female, 11 percent Asian, 11 percent LGBTQ and 5 percent Latino.

The C.E.O of the TaskRabbit and her aim about this plan

She seems to be much excited about this new initiative of the TaskRabbit and according to her, the approach of TaskRabbit, has always been to partner and build strong relationship with those groups that can help them to get connected with under-represented candidates with mentoring those candidates once they happen to join the team and support our employees in maintaining much active presence in the community.

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