Thirteen hospitalized after smoking unknown substance in Pretoria

Thirteen people that include young adults and scholars have been hospitalised since Sunday after smoking an alleged unknown substance allegedly called herbal blend, puff, blazing or crazy coconut.

The product, a small bag containing a substance similar to marijuana, is allegedly sold and bought over the counter at tobacco shops, tuck shops and adult shops. It is then mixed with cigarette/tobacco or rolled at the smoker’s discretion.

The youngest child so far is 14-year-old. This has been mainly been reported in Pretoria West, Pretoria Gardens, Daspoort and Hercules after one school contacted the SAPS.

The young adults and scholars are in a stable condition in hospital.

The SAPS have urgently sent the substance to the SAPS forensic laboratories for analysis. Police have opened an enquiry pending the forensic outcome.

Various government departments such as Health, Trade and Industry have been contacted to look into this matter.

Parents are urged that if they notice any suspicious package to remove it from kids and report it to the police. Parents are also encouraged to speak to kids about the risks of using any type of drug or any unknown substance whether illegal or not.



Source: South African Police Service

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