Three missing children found

The three (03) minor children who were reported missing in this matter were found alive, safe and were re-united with their parents.

These children were found in one of the family member’s home at Mogoboya village. It is alleged that on their arrival at the aunt’s house, they proceeded to another family member’s house to watch TV and they ended up sleeping there without informing the aunt and other family members until they apparently heard that the Police search operation for them was on.

This follows after they were reported missing and the Police in Maake outside Tzaneen in conjunction with other role players launched a massive search operation for them as they were reported missing since yesterday on 2018-06-09 at Lephepane village between 16:00 and 20:00.

It was alleged that the children left their home village of Lephepane to go and visit their Aunt at Mogoboya village which is about 15 kilometres from their home passing a mountain and they never arrive there. They were never seen again until today.

The matter is now regarded as closed.

The South African Police Service condemns in the strongest possible terms poor child safety.

Members of the community are once more advised and encouraged to take care of their children in full. Child safety must always come first at all times to prevent this type of incidents to happen because you cannot allow such young children to walk for a distance of 15 kilometres alone and that is uncalled for and it must not be allowed by any parent or guardian.

Source: South African Police Service