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Tunindex closes Friday’s session down 0.6%.

The Tunindex’s decline is accelerating as the benchmark index closed Friday’s session down 0.6% at 8819.4 points on a reduced volume of almost 3 million TND, according to the daily analysis by Tunisie Valeurs.

Tawasol Group Holding’s shares were the best performers of the session. The holding company’s shares rose by 5.5% to TND 0.580 on a trading volume of TND 104,000. It should be noted that Tawasol Group has not yet published its consolidated financial statements for the 2021 and 2022 financial years.

Ciments de Bizerte was one of the session’s biggest gainers. Although not actively traded, the shares of the public cement company rose by 4.4% to TND 0.940.

Best Lease’s stock was the lowest on the Tunindex. Shares in Tunisia’s only Islamic leasing company fell 4.3% to TND 2.010, with no significant trading activity.

The bleeding continues for SFBT. The brewery’s shares fell by 3% to TND 13.240, adding TND 766,000 to the market and making it the board’s top trader.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse