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Arab countries urged to implement programmes to upgrade demographic, development situation (health minister)

Health Minister Ali Mrabet Friday urged Arab countries to work in concert in coordination with the Arab League Economic and Social Council to implement programmes aimed to promote the democgraphic and development situation in the Arab world.

In opening remarks to a conference on increased human security in the Arab world through the humanitarian projects of the ‘International Planned Parenthood Federation, Mrabet also said it is urgent to carry out these programmes amid a challenging economic, social and political state of affairs in the Arab world.

There is need to integrate demographic issues in development plans, the minister was quoted as saying in a ministry press release.

He Tunisian experience in sexual and reproductive health proved to be a success as the country adopted a relevant strategy and fostered the exchange of experiences with Arab and African countries as part of bilateral and tripartite cooperation and the consolidation of the training and research mechanism.

The minister hailed the Japanese government for its endeavours to support health policies in Arab countries.

The meeting was an opportunity to shed light on five Japanese-supported innovative humanitarian projects in Mauritania, Lebanon, Palestine, Pakistan and Yemen.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse