Ethiopia to Cooperate with Neighbors in Ensuring Peace, Stability in Region

Addis Ababa: Ethiopia, in cooperation with its neighbors, will continue exerting efforts to ensure lasting peace and stability in the region, Peace Minister Benalf Andualem said.

Ethiopia follows the principle of cooperation in foreign affairs policy that gives priority to neighboring countries.

Accordingly, it has been working in areas of people-to-people and economic cooperation to ensure integration through the coordination of regional organizations and bilateral relations.

The country has also given special attention to infrastructural integration, export and import trade and cultural exchange.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Peace Minister Benalf said the Horn of Africa is a unique region with opportunities and challenges.

Ethiopia has been creating strong cooperation with other countries in the region in terms of government-to-government, people-to-people, trade and infrastructure, he added.

The neighboring countries benefit economically as Ethiopia conducts import and export trade through usi
ng their ports.

Terrorism and conflict that hinder development and peace in the region also exist, even if the political, economic and cultural diplomacy is strong in the region, he elaborated.

Al-Shabaab’s activities in Somalia are, for example, serious threats to the security of Ethiopia and other East African countries, the minister noted, adding that it is therefore necessary to jointly fight and take measures against the group.

According to him, this can only be realized with the cooperation of the regional community, governments and institutions.

Ethiopia is doing a great job in this regard, he stated.

It has also experience in resolving occasional conflicts peacefully in the western border area, and Ethiopia is working hard to ensure lasting peace there.

The minister finally stressed Ethiopia’s firm position in resolving the problem in Sudan peacefully as peace in the region means peace in Ethiopia.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency




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