Phase 3 of the Presidential Youth Employment Initiative set to end

Phase III of the Presidential Youth Employment Initiative (PYEI) – implemented in the basic education sector – will conclude at the end of August with no further extension, says the Department of Basic Education (DBE).

“Phase III terminates on 31 August 2022, with no further extension. The DBE values the contributions of all participants in PYEI, officials, assistants, schools and business,” the department said in a statement on Tuesday.

The third phase started on 1 April 2022 and qualifying youth were placed in more than 20 000 schools across the country’s nine provinces.

“As initially communicated in terms of the project management plan, based on available resources, Phase III comes to an end on 31 August 2022 with no further extension. Preparations are already underway for Phase IV, which will start early in 2023 with a new cohort of young people,” the department said.

The PYEI is meant to provide the youth with an opportunity to gain work experience, obtain skills through informal and formal training that are offered by provinces and Department of Basic Education.

The PYEI further afforded young South Africans an opportunity of making meaningful economic contribution in their communities.

The department said that the significant achievement of PYEI helps in addressing the triple challenge of inequality among the genders, unemployment and poverty.

“As government we urge youth to continue to grab the upskilling opportunities that are available, and we further urge all stakeholders to invest in the next generation of talent.

“The youth placed in Phase III of PYEI are in the main, the youth that were placed in either in Phase I and II or in Phase II only as they met the requirements stipulated in the Implementation Framework,” the department said.

The Ministry has thanked all the youth that participated in PYEI.

The Ministry further requested that the youth continue to use the skills, knowledge, experience they gained whilst placed in schools to broaden their horizons.

“Some of the youth have started buddy support classes at a small fee, others are tutoring in the subjects that they excel in, others are doing infrastructure jobs in communities,” the department said.

Message to the youth

The Presidency, the Department of Basic Education and Provincial Education Departments has extended their gratitude to all the youth that participated in Phase II and III of the initiative.

“The youth are encouraged to continue using the skills, competencies and knowledge that were acquired through this initiative. The Ministry wants to wish you well in your future plans,’ the department said.

Message to school governing bodies, school principals

The Presidency, the Department of Basic Education and the Provincial Education Departments has also expressed their appreciation to the School Governing Bodies, School Management Teams and School Principals for the contributions and commitment throughout the implementation of Phase I, II and III.

“You allowed the youth to be part of the school culture, you provided guidance, training and support throughout the placement of youth in your schools, for that the Ministry sends its message of gratitude and appreciation.”

Communities, partners

In addition, the department, the Presidency and the Provincial Education Departments has also thanked communities across the country for their vigilance throughout the implementation of the three phases.

“You reported any challenge that you noticed during the implementation. The DBE sends its message of gratitude and appreciation for all your efforts of curbing unbecoming practices.

“The DBE requests that you prepare a new cohort of youth that they apply for Phase IV, through your vigilance and participation in building your communities.”

The departments further thanked all partners that came on board since 2020 to offer funding, human resources, skills and knowledge to the youth of South Africa.

“The generosity big and small, is highly appreciated as it contributed to the upliftment of youth and communities of South Africa. The Ministry extends its appreciation and gratitude.”

Source: South African Government News Agency



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