Planning must be based on people’s choices, says President in meeting with Economy Minister

President Kais Saied had a meeting on Friday with Minister of Economy and Planning Feryel Ouerghi Sebai, during which he stressed “the importance of the independence of national decision-making and the need for planning to be based on the choices of the Tunisian people”.

The President explained that “those who have been debating development strategies for years have failed to offer real solutions and have not looked at the facts in front of them. They also failed to focus on the reasons that led to the deterioration of Tunisia’s socio-economic situation,” Saied was quoted as saying in a presidency press release.

He reiterated that “the people, who are committed to their sovereignty, demand

employment, freedom and a decent life. They themselves have identified the strategy and it is enough to provide them with the legal instruments to meet their legitimate demands”.

The President pointed out that the primary role of the State is to achieve the integration of all its components. The Council of Regions and
Districts is nothing more than a necessary step in this direction. Those who have been marginalised for decades will contribute to drafting of laws that will bring them out of the margins and into the circle of legal and economic activity.

He also stressed the importance of communitarianenterprises, saying that thousands of Tunisians are keen to set up this type of company. On the other hand, banking institutions, in particular the Tunisian Solidarity Bank, must provide them with financing, which would benefit the entire nation, he affirmed.

“The desired strategy is based on the creation of wealth and its distribution to all citizens on the basis of social justice,” the Head of State said in conclusion.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse




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