Regional Police Forces Strengthen Cooperation in Combating Terrorism and Transnational Crimes

In a significant move towards regional security collaboration, the Commander of the Somali Police Force, General Sulub Ahmed Farin, led a delegation of police officers on an official visit to the office of the Federal Police Commissioner of Ethiopia, Mr. Damlesh Gabremechael Woldeyes. The visit focused on strengthening cooperation between the police forces of Ethiopia, Somalia, and Djibouti, with a particular emphasis on combating terrorism and transnational crimes. The discussions held during the visit highlighted the shared challenges faced by these countries in addressing the threat of terrorism and transnational criminal activities, particularly along their borders. Recognizing the importance of intelligence sharing and information exchange, the police forces sought to establish a robust framework for collaboration in tackling these issues effectively. The Horn of Africa region has experienced the presence of extremist groups and other destabilizing elements, necessitating a coordinated approach to maintain peace and stability. The visit underscored the need for enhanced partnerships and joint efforts in addressing the evolving security landscape of the region. During the discussions, General Sulub Ahmed Farin emphasized the significance of continuous dialogue and cooperation among regional law enforcement agencies. He stressed the importance of sharing timely and accurate intelligence to effectively counteract the activities of terrorist organizations that often operate across borders. Mr. Damlesh Gabremechael Woldeyes, the Federal Police Commissioner of Ethiopia, expressed his commitment to strengthening collaboration among the regional police forces. He emphasized the mutual benefits of information sharing and joint operations, enabling a proactive response to emerging security threats. The visit served as a platform to exchange experiences, best practices, and lessons learned in countering terrorism and transnational crimes. The delegations also explored opportunities for capacity building initiatives, training programs, and technical assistance to further enhance their operational capabilities. The regional cooperation between Ethiopia, Somalia, and Djibouti holds significant promise in effectively combating the spread of terrorism and curbing transnational criminal networks. By fostering closer ties and collaboration, these countries aim to create a secure environment conducive to sustainable development and prosperity for their citizens. As the visit concluded, the delegates expressed their commitment to maintaining regular engagement and continuing to work together in the fight against terrorism and transnational crimes. They reaffirmed their dedication to regional security and resolved to implement the discussed initiatives promptly. With the joint efforts of these regional police forces, it is hoped that the Horn of Africa will witness a more coordinated and effective response to security challenges, ultimately ensuring the safety and well-being of the people in the region.

Source: Somali National News Agency



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