Somali President Sends National Armed Forces to Fight Al-Shabaab Terrorists

President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, bid farewell to units of the National Armed Forces at General Gordan Camp in Mogadishu.

The Gantaal Battalion of the National Guard is being deployed to participate in the second offensive against Al-Shabaab terrorists.

In a speech to the troops, President Mohamud expressed the government’s and people’s hope for a final victory over terrorism. He instructed the soldiers to maintain proper behavior and follow laws to ensure the trust and loyalty of the Somali people.

The President also highlighted the armed forces’ recent successes and mentioned two government plans: one to eliminate terrorism and another to establish a National Army.

After his speech, President Mohamud held a meeting with leading army officers. They discussed their commitment to the Somali people’s patience against this enemy that has crippled their lives and praised the sacrifice and bravery of the Somali forces.

Source: Somali National News Agency



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